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Twitter Money

When I asked one of my friends whether there is anything like twitter money, the answer he gave me was that there is money everywhere, but most of these are reserved only for those endowed with the proper acumen to unravel them. With this I started wondering, and then went into research. Now, I can tell you that what I found is amazing, in the sense that there are many avenues that you can make and enjoy money on twitter.


Just like many other social media networks that does not give or offer any financial affiliate program, the most probable twitter money will come from selling of products on twitter. It is as simple as that. If you are running a boutique and have up to 20,000 followers on twitter, and what you discuss with them all day is issues about relationships, you are losing money. There are lots of firms out there that have recorded ground breaking sales through these. In fact they have organized it to the extent that when you have new stock, you post pictures of such, and inform all your friends through tweets. You can even demand that those who need such should indicate the day they will come to pick them. This will even allow you regulate your stock, and also give information out when you are low on stocks.


Twitter money can both go to you and to twitter. What I mean here is that you can also make money by developing applications for twitter. Any meaningful form of application is welcomed by twitter so far as it targets a particular use, and helps to arrange and organize tweets. With this, you will be making money for twitter and for yourself too, because you will get into partnership with them, and this will include the sharing of revenues.


The next option is by turning your twitter followers into creators and business partners.  There is a very particular experience that illustrates this. But I have gone ahead to see that it can be used by any other business. One shirt designers firm had a lot of twitter followers that it opened a website that was linked to twitter. On the site, you submit your tweets. The members vote on the best tweets and the tweets that are voted as the best are designed on shirts and sold in auction form and later offered to the followers to buy. There are lots of business things you can do here. Many people have designed a lot of very meaningful images and graphics on twitter. If you are into arts, you can make live design of these and offer to all who followed them. They will really sell.


Another way some hot twitter money can be made involves the leads you need for your businesses. Twitter as a social media is used for unwinding and easing off. We all know that whenever a girl who is active on twitter comes back from shopping, he will tweet such things as “been shopping for sexy gowns today, a very good experience”. The truth is that the best way to get leads for your businesses is here. is a very good avenue for this. Here, you only need to type in your keywords and search, and you will be able to see others who are searching for the same thing, and those in need of it.

by   March 9th, 2013   Posted in Twitter


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  1. Lurlene Mcdaris says:

    I love twitter and to know you can actually make money from it just made me love it that much more. Thanks for this.

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