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Online Privacy Policy

Privacy and protection from others are key in any type of business, and online businesses are no exception. If you own an online business you should have an online privacy policy put together and placed on your website immediately. It is  paramount to protect yourself and your business.


Now, what does not having an online privacy policy in place mean? Let me first say this, the internet is one avenue that has been turned into a highway for scam artists and criminals, these same scam artists and criminals could easily have a legitimate business penalized or shut down by alleging that the business owner didn’t protect them as a client or visitor. I know it sounds silly, but some people are plain demonizing and will do things like this for the fun of it. They can also use the fact that your online privacy policy isn’t present against you for their personal gain.


Something I recently learned is that there are millions of people out there that establish firms and services that watch individuals and what they do online, after this they provide the information that they have gathered to anyone that is willing to pay for it. This is completely legal, the giant Google does it as well, but Google always carefully explain why and how they plane to use your information and provide you with their own privacy policy. Be warned that not all firms are like this, Most of them will be in the form of creating a lot of spywares, bugs and viruses to damage either your software or hardware applications. Others are designed to infiltrate the browsing history of many individuals so as to know what they do online, and with this send them advertisements, probably on the types of things they normally demand online.


Since all these viruses normally come through various websites, many people are skeptical about the types of websites they visit. The resultant effect of this is that if you are running an online business, the website or any platform that you use to provide these services and goods to the people must have a veritable online privacy policy for you to excel. This privacy policy will make sure that all the information and browsing history of the visitors to your site are well protected. One other thing worthy of note is that there are some legal terms to it. These terms authorizes or gives the user the right of his privacy being protected when he makes use of your website.


By way of definition, online privacy policy entails the right to personal privacy when it comes to the storage, re-purposing, and provision of information pertaining to oneself and activities on the internet to third parties. It is divided into 2. The “PII” means Personally Identifying Information, and it protects against the disclosure of personal information that can be used to identify the person, including his age, address etc, while the “Non-PII” provides policy protection against the behaviors of the visitor on your website.


Whenever you run an online firm, the online privacy policy gives you the responsibility to protect all individually identifiable information of the users and other firms you are into business with. You must also ensure that all your users are made to be aware of these, including the information collected from them and what this information are used for. Again, before the information are used for these purposes, they must append their consent by choice, and when these information are to be used for third party sources, they must be allowed to opt out if they don’t consent. You must also insure correct data security, quality and access which means insuring that all these individually identifiable information are used with the adequate protection from loss, misuse and alteration, but with accuracy and access at all times.

by   March 17th, 2013   Posted in Legal


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  1. Maudie Klice says:

    I agree the privacy of everyone on the internet is very important to everyone, the customer has to be protected. If the website owner decides to use any such information of the customer or browser / member, he or she has to inform them about it.

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