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Finding A Professional Web Designer

There are many different avenues you can take when searching for a web designer, but the question is going to be rather the designer is good, bad or ugly. So you need to do a proper search in order to find the best web designer for your specific needs, after all you will be spending money to hire this person.


The first thing to try is by performing a search term for the words “professional web designer” or “great web designer”,

something along those lines. You can use one or more of your favorite search engines to do this.


Here is a short list of search engines that you can choose from:


  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo


Type one of the phrases above, or whatever phrase you plan on using, into the search bar.



After having performed a search using your specific word phrase, the search engine should present you with a massive amount of search results for you to choose from. You can begin narrowing down, in your own opinion, the best web designers.


Here are some ways that may help you to narrow your search:


  • visit the designer’s website, more than likely he/she/they will have a website for their business.
  • check out their portfolio, the designer will most likely have some of their work on display.
  • are there testimonials, and if so, are they from real people/buyers.
  • are their customers still using their designs.
  • how do the designer charge, is it by page, or is it a fixed rate.


The questions above are some of the questions that need to be asked before engaging yourself into a contract with a complete stranger. If you have even more questions than this, be sure to ask them, and if you are paranoid, then you have every right to be, because it’s your money at stake here, right?


Something you can do to take a little more pressure off of yourself is to ask around. There are all kinds of forums, blogs, and so forth out there in cyberspace that will help you to understand and get to know your potential designer a little better, because these people have actually worked with the designer before. You can ask the customer of the designer personal questions about who they hired. You can ask things like, was he/she/they polite, was it difficult for the person to grasp what you wanted done to your website, how do they charge, and so on.



by   June 18th, 2013   Posted in Web Design


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