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Badoo Social Networking

Social networking sites like badoo are moving from just being for the sake of fun to really meaningful social money making and business enhancing aspects. The truth about is that badoo social networking came in as a socialization tool where people can meet friends and interact on a number of social topics. But this has gradually shifted to the profitable socializations rather than blunt socialization.


We all know that for you to use the free regular badoo membership. You only need to log in without spending anything. But if you really want to use this media site to make money, you must upgrade to the premium membership. There are many advantages to the premium membership. It offers you many options to move from using the badoo network as a chat and laugh tool to a very meaningful and lucrative one.


One of the premium features that badoo social networking uses to give you the chance to increase what you gain from them is through the badoo super powers. For you to become a badoo super power member, you have to register with badoo credits. These credits can be purchased online with the use of android and iPhone devices and other e-payment options. When you join the badoo super powers, there are numerous advantages that you will enjoy over those who are on the regular free membership. The fist one is that you will have your image appear on badoo spotlight pages. You are also allowed personalized searches, and invisible profile viewing.


A summary of what you gain by upgrading to the badoo super powers is not easily possible because you gain a lot. There is this fact that when signing up, you have the options of YES or MAYBE when it comes to the “Encounters game”.  But when you upgrade, this is no longer the same, as you are now given the chance to automatically see what and who is viewing you profile. This option also gives you the leverage to access more information about people than ordinary members can.


Another importance of upgrading to the badoo social networking super powers account is that it gives you certainty in what you do. Due to the regular network problems, there are times when you send messages both in badoo and other networking sites, and you are not sure whether your message was delivered or not. Again, there are other times when you send messages including requests to people and you do not get replies. This keeps you wondering. The unique thing that super powers give you is to inform you whether your messages are delivered or not and whether the receiver has really read the messages or not. Again, you are given access to speak to the sites most popular users. You can lean strategies on how they make money and other benefits from badoo. This is not open to regular users. Your messages are also placed before that of regular members when you sign up.


You are also allowed a more personalized search system that makes you get exactly what you are looking for and the chance to get new member alerts and be the first to welcome them. Another feature of badoo social networking site you need to know about is badoo’s White Label program which gives you the chance to go into partnership with badoo. If you have your own networking site, you are allowed to connect with badoo in such a way that all the members of your site can easily interact with badoo users under your name.

by   March 24th, 2013   Posted in Badoo


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  1. Helena Halbert says:

    The Badoo social networking realm is something that I can say I haven’t delved into. Thanks for sharing this though.

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